Commitment to Impartiality

  • The top management is committed to maintain impartiality in management system certification activities performed by ACE International Certification Pte Ltd (AIC).
  • AIC shall be responsible for the impartiality of its conformity assessment activities and shall not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality.
  • AIC have top management commitment to impartiality in management system certification activities. AIC have a policy that it understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its management system certification activities, manages conflict of interest and ensures the objectivity of its management system certification activities.
  • AIC have a process to identify, analyse, evaluate, treat, monitor, and document the risks related to conflict of interests arising from provision of certification including any conflicts arising from its relationships on an ongoing basis. Where there are any threats to impartiality, AIC shall document and demonstrate how it eliminates or minimizes such threats and document any residual risk. The demonstration shall cover all potential threats that are identified, whether they arise from within AIC or from the activities of other persons, bodies or organizations.
  • Additionally, the Board of Directors of AIC have appointed external industrial experts on a bona fide basis to sit in the Governing Committee (GC) to ensure impartiality of its certification activities.

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About Us

ACE International Certification is a certification body providing management systems assessment and accredited ISO certification services to organisations in Singapore and around the region. Though we are new, we know that we have to strive to deliver more than a checklist approach to certification – we’re looking to work with our clients to develop their businesses and to help them achieve real commercial benefit from their management system investment. Our ISO certification services include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001