Rules on the use of SAC/AIC Mark

For Certification – Quality Management System

General Conditions on Use of Marks and SAC/AIC logo

  • The Accreditation Mark is illustrated below and the appropriate artwork shall be reproduced accurately without any alteration subject to provisions of this clause.
  • The entire Mark may be uniformly enlarged or reduced, but shall not be less than 15mm in height. It is to be used in conjunction with the AIC logo + SAC (certification covered by SAC accreditation only) or AIC + SAC & AIC + other AB logo (if applicable) and boxed together (as seen in Figure 2).
  • The Mark may only be reproduced in the official colours, Red (PMS 032C) and dark grey (PMS Cool Grey 11C); or in a single colour only, which may be gold, black, red (PMS 032C), dark grey (PMS Cool Grey 11C) or the predominant colour of the letterhead. The Mark may be reproduced in other colours only with the prior written consent from AIC. Any request must be accompanied by an artwork and the proposed colour(s). The AIC & the SAC Logo must be used as a combination and boxed together (as seen in Figure 1, 3, 4 and 5).
  • The SAC accreditation mark shall always be used in its original, designed proportions and not to be distorted, compressed or stretched in any way. The certificate number must be readable. It shall be used on a background that will not impede readability and only be used in its normal horizontal orientation and not be rotated.
  • When the Mark is used by Certified Organisations, the appropriate Certification Number issued by AIC under the Accreditation Scheme shall by inserted in the space provided in the Mark.
  • The Mark shall not be used by certified organisation that implies the certification applies to activities that are outside the scope of certification as detailed in the certificate. There shall be no ambiguity in the Mark or accompanying text, as to what has been certified and AIC has granted the certification.
  • The Mark shall not be used on a product or product packaging seen by the consumer or in any other way that may be interpret as denoting product conformity. Similarly, the Mark shall not be used on laboratory test, calibration, inspection or similar reports.
  • The Certified Organisation shall ensure that the Mark was not used by its subsidiaries or associates not related to this accredited management system for its product approval or associated documentations.

Use of the Accreditation Marks in publicity material

  • Accreditation marks shall not be used in any way that might mislead the reader about the accredited status of AIC.
  • AIC is entitled to incorporate an accreditation mark in publicity material that refers to accredited services, provided that the conditions contained in this procedure are met.
  • Holders of certificates issued by AIC may use the appropriate mark in accordance with the Rules Governing the use of SAC Accreditation Mark, on stationery and publicity material or other items relevant to their certificate. The accreditation mark(s) shall always be used in conjunction with the AIC mark. Holders of accredited certificates may use the AIC mark without the accreditation mark.
  • The terms ‘publicity material’ shall not include notices, labels, documents or written announcements affixed to or otherwise appearing on goods or products unless the goods or products have been manufactured under an accredited product conformity scheme. This restriction shall also apply to primary (eg blister packs) packaging and promotional products.

Suspension / Termination

  • In the event that the certification is withdrawn or suspended, certified organisation shall immediately cease the use of the Accreditation Mark on any stationery, advertisements, etc. that contains a reference to certification.
  • AIC reserves the right to suspend or withdraw registration upon written evidence to its Governing Committee of a breach of the Certification Rules or misuse of the AIC logo or mark of Accredited Registration.


For Auditing Organisation

Use of AIC Marks

  • The Client shall not use or permit the use of AIC’s audit report or testimony or AIC’s mark in communication media such as the Internet, brochures or advertising, or other documents.
  • The Client shall not make or permit any misleading statement regarding the audit.
  • The Client shall not use or permit the use of the audit report or testimony or any part thereof in a misleading manner.


    AIC Mark

    The actual SAC Cert. No. can only be confirmed after SAC witness audit.
    So the actual cert. no has to be inserted onto the SAC Mark after SAC approval.


    SAC + AIC Marks (ISO 9001)


    SAC + AIC Marks (AO)


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