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  • The Auditing Agreement is applicable to all clients who are audited by ACE International Certification Pte Ltd (AIC)
  • AIC is a private limited company, financed through paid-up shares, is a SAC accredited WSH Auditing Organization.
  • AIC offers auditing services within the accredited scope granted (“the Services”). The Services provides an independent audit of an applicant’s management systems against a recognised and appropriate standard.

Request & Application for Auditing Services

  • Clients can request for the Services by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view to receive a Auditing Application Form (AAF), or call us at 6362 1886 to speak with our sales/admin representative. Clients will complete the AAF with detailed information about the scope of their operations and return it for AIC’s review on their request for the Services. If AIC accepts the request, AIC prepares a proposal for clients’ acceptance. AIC reserves the right to decline any request for the Services and would give the clients the reason for non-acceptance.
  • Upon acceptance of the proposal, clients must complete the Auditing Agreement form and return it to AIC. The Auditing Agreement, together with the proposal upon mutual acceptance by AIC and clients, serves as a legally binding contractual agreement between AIC and clients.

AICs Rights and Responsibility

  • AIC shall be responsible for and shall retain authority for its decision relating to its auditing.
  • AIC understands the importance of and is committed to impartiality in providing the Services. AIC manages any conflict of interest to ensure objectivity of its audit.
  • AIC will not market or offer the Services as being linked with the activities of an organisation that provides management system consultancy. AIC will take action to correct inappropriate claims by any consultancy organisation stating or implying that audit would be simpler, easier, faster, or less expensive if AIC’s Services are used. AIC will not state or imply that audit would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive if a specified consultancy organisation is used.
  • AIC’s audit is based on its review and audit of information, documents and samples provided by clients during the performance of the Services. AIC cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies, omissions or errors in the audit reports and/or any documents issued to clients by AIC in the performance of the Services.
  • Clients shall be given all the relevant information on auditing processes and/or requirements and subsequent changes.
  • The audit by AIC does not exempt clients from their legal obligations required of the services or products. Client is solely liable for any defects in their services and products and shall protect and indemnify AIC from any and all claims, costs, expense, loss or damage and liability made by audited clients as a result of their failure to maintain their management system and /or of any negligent act.
  • AIC shall take appropriate actions with clients to deal with incorrect references to auditing status and/or misleading use of audit documents, marks and audit reports. Such actions include requests for correction and corrective actions and, if necessary, legal action.
  • AIC shall not be liable for any cost, losses or charges incurred by the clients in the event that the performance of the Services and/or AIC’s obligations under the agreement is hindered or is caused to be delayed by any default, act or negligence of the clients.
  • AIC shall:
    • only claim that it is accredited in respect to those activities which are covered under its scope of accreditation;
    • only use the SAC accreditation mark for premises covered by accreditation;
    • not make any statement regarding its accreditation that SAC may consider misleading or unauthorised;
    • not allow the fact of its accreditation to be used to imply that a product, process, service, management system or person has been certified or approved by SAC; and
    • not use the SAC accreditation mark on any test items, products or literature, or in a way that may be interpreted as denoting product conformity, or permit its certified organisations to do so.
  • The SAC Mark shall be included on the first page of the audit report and AIC logo shall be located next to the SAC Mark.
  • The SAC Mark shall not be used on a testimony issued to audited clients.

Clients’ Rights & Responsibilities

  • Clients have the right to object to the inclusion of any auditor proposed by AIC for the performance of the Services, on the grounds of competency or possible conflicts of interest.
  • Clients shall, with reasonable diligence, co-operate with AIC in its provision of the Services by providing access to its premises, personnel, documentation required for the proper conduct of the Services. Clients shall obtain necessary consents to facilitate AIC’s auditors’ entry into its premises and to accommodate, where applicable, the presence of observers. Clients shall also ensure a safe and secure working condition on site during the performance of the Services. Clients shall inform AIC and its auditors of requirements to comply with any health, safety and security regulations applicable to its premises.
  • Clients shall pay the fees for the Services invoiced by AIC in full and promptly on the due date. AIC may impose an interest charge of 10%, compounded monthly on the sum of outstanding until the payment is made. The fees and other charges are excluding of prevailing GST.
  • Clients who have been audited shall inform AIC without delay, of matters that may affect the capability of their management system to continue fulfilling the required standard used for auditing. These changes include, but not limited to:
    • The legal, commercial, organisational status or ownership
    • Organisation and management, e.g. Key managerial, decision–making or technical staff
    • Contact address and sites
    • Scope of operations under the certified management system
    • Major changes to the management system and processes
  • Clients who are audited shall:
    • Not use or permit the use of audit report or testimony or AIC’s mark in communication media such as Internet, brochures or advertising, or other documents.
    • Give consent for the assessor(s) of accreditation body to witness the on-site audit if requested upon.
    • Not make or permit any misleading statement regarding its audit.
    • Not use or permit the use of audit report or testimony or any part thereof in a misleading manner.
    • Not allow reference to its audit to be used to imply that AIC certifies its product, service or process.
    • Not imply that the audit applies to activities outside the scope of audit.
    • Not use its audit in any manner that brings AIC and its auditing system into disrepute and loss of public trust.
  • Clients shall indemnify AIC against any costs, losses or charges sustained or incurred by the Clients arising from their judgement, decision and/or actions taken on the basis of the information given in the audit report provided by AIC.


  • AIC safeguards clients’ information obtained or created during the performance of the Services.
  • When AIC is required by law or authorised by contractual arrangements with SAC to release confidential information, the client or the individual concerned, shall, unless prohibited by law, be notified of the information provided

Fees and Payment

  • The fees payable for the Services are as follows:-
    • Documentation examination fee, if applicable
    • Auditing fee.

Audit Process

  • This audit is conducted at clients’ premises.
  • Prior to the audit, the appointment of the auditor(s) will be made known to the clients. Clients have the right to object to the inclusion of any auditor proposed by AIC on the grounds of competency or possible conflicts of interest.
  • The audit objectives shall be determined by AIC. The audit scope and criteria, including any changes, shall be established by AIC after discussion with the clients.
  • Clients will be given an audit plan prior to the audit and the dates of the audit shall be agreed upon in advance with the client.
  • The audit team shall review with the client any changes to the audit scope which becomes apparent as on-site auditing activities progress.
  • AIC may amend the agreement with clients if it determines that adjustments to the audit are necessary, e.g. Change in scope, sites, audit man-days and audit fee.
  • The auditor(s) will prepare an audit report detailing the findings of the audit to the clients’ management after the audit.
  • Ownership of the audit report shall be maintained by AIC.


  • Clients who may wish to make a complaint could submit in writing to the AIC management, stating specific details of the nature of the complaint. The AIC management will conduct an internal investigation and conclude its investigation with corrective actions where deem necessary.
  • AIC will notify audited clients of any complaint about them that is received from their customers or any other party. AIC would give audited clients reasonable time and opportunity to respond to the nature of the complaint raised. AIC will investigate on the complaint and take appropriate actions, if necessary.
  • Clients may dispute any decision and/or actions taken by AIC by submitting in writing, the details to the AIC’s Certification Manager for escalation actions to the AIC Governing Committee (“GC”). The GC shall appoint suitable persons and/or a Committee to investigate and/or review into the disputes. The GC shall impose appropriate remedial or conciliatory actions to resolve the disputes. Records of the GC’s deliberations are noted in the GC’s minutes.
  • AIC shall determine, together with the audited client and the complainant, whether and, if so to what extent, the subject of the complaint and its resolution shall be made public.

Validity of Auditing Agreement

  • This Auditing Agreement is valid for as long as the client remains an audited client with ACE International Certification Pte Ltd (AIC).
  • AIC reserved the right to amend the Auditing Agreement when required and with the mutual agreement of the client.

Approving Authority

  • The terms and conditions under the Auditing Agreement had been approved by the General Manager of AIC.

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